News Article Headline 02/13/2010
FPV, Micros and More -Updated!

Well the FPV review has begun on the Toolbox and it is quickly turning into an interesting ride! From component
selection to all out concepts - it will all be covered. To get started and follow along the journey, just go to and let the fun begin!
Past news follows...........

Hello, and welcome to the Piccoztoolbox! 2010 looks pretty bright for the RC market, with many exciting new products.
This year, besides carrying the regular Toolbox feature that have to do with Silverlit and heli type products, the Toolboxes
are going to try a different approach.

Some of you are already familiar with the Toolbox Reviews Section (\reviews) which highlights new and interesting
products many vendors offer. This year, besides the reviews, a number of "projects" will be featured, which will be updated as each
progresses. Some of the projects on tap for 2010 are:

Building an FPV (First Person View) aircraft from start to finish

FPV is an entirely different aspect of the rc hobby, and many aspects of FPV are very challenging. This project will consist of
all the components you need to do FPV, from the ground station to the aircraft itself and how to make it all work. Vendors from
all aspects of the hobby will be included so stay tuned!

Converting a Gravity Hobbies mini Spitifire

Gravity Hobbies has brought back the old Cox brand warbird series of RC planes as well as these "mini" planes. Many of the
components that are now available today are a perfect fit for these mini's, so we will take a look at what it takes to adapt them.

Again as always, if you have any suggestions or ideas for the Toolbox, please email them to:

Happy flying!

New Products From Silverlit

More and more products are starting to appear from Silverlit, and also just as many from other vendors as well. With the temperatures cooling down, I am sure these are going to become more popular. If you have heard of anything interesting that you would like to learn about, please don't
hesisitate to contact us.

New Products From Silverlit

Even though the outdoor flying season is in full swing, there are lots of things arriving from Silverlit!
I'm sure you will enjoy some of these in the coming months, so here is a preview of what is ahead, or what may be hitting the
selves right now:

I am sure everyone will enjoy these fine new craft!

The Weak Signals RC Show April 3rd, 4th, & 5th

This weeks news is about the RC Show approaching this week in Toledo, Ohio. The Weak Signals RC Show is probably one of the
best and biggest shows in the mid west! You will not find a better gathering of vendors and RC parts just waiting to be snatched up.

A number of vendors will be offering deals only available at the show.

You will want to check out True RC which will be located upstairs on
Sunday. Some of the specials at that time will be:

-(4) MCX batteries for $25
- 7A ESC's for $15!!

I hope you all get a chance to check out all the items at the show. (Check out for more details) What a great way to start the outdoor flying season. Happy flying!

PZ Vapor Gyro by V2plus10

Autogyro's appearing are a sure sign that Spring is just around the corner! V2plus10 of "Astro" fame is back
this week with an autogyro made from Park Zone Vapor parts.

He says "The Elf is optional, the clay is necessary...." Great work V2!

Walkera Upgrade #2 by EQMOD

This week, EQMOD's final upgrade chaper, part 4 is presented. This time he is using (2) Walkera Rx Controller boards!
He is also driving a set of magnetic coil actuators to gain full control of his PicooZ!

EQMOD, you have some excellent ideas!

MCToolbox Brought online....
In case you have not heard yet, a new Toolbox has been added to the Toolbox series: The MCToolbox.

MC Toolbox

The MC Toolbox deals specifically with mods, tips and tricks for the E-flite Blade mCX heli, and if you have a Blade MCX or are just considering getting one, I would recommend you check this new Toolbox out. I think you will enjoy it!

Walkera Controller Board Upgrade by EQMOD

This week, EQMOD has part 3 of is tips and modifications, using a Walkera Servo Controller board this time.
He uses the board to drivie the magnetic coil actuator of his Silverlit Atlas.

The Silverlit Atlas was reviewed in the Toolbox Reviews section ( In its "out of box" state,
you had limited control, but with EQMOD's additions, it becomes quite the winner! Check out the link to see what he did, as well as the
video of the Atlas flying with the board, and I am sure you will agree it really helps!

Walkera Mod by EQMOD

Continuing with the mods this week is EQMOD and his use of the Walkera 4#3a/b 4-in-1
RX module. This week, he has provided a schematic of how you can attach your charger or the Walkera charger. With the snow blowing
and the cold outside, it looks like a fun project.

Walkera Mod by EQMOD

To start the year off right, EQMOD has done some pretty amazing work with not only the PicooZ, but also the Silverlit
Atlas! He has taken a Walkera 4#3a/b 4-in-1 RX module, and utilized it to add stability to his Z:

I will be breaking up each of his mods into seperate posts in the upcoming weeks. Great job EQ!

Disney PicooZ?

While on a recent vacation to Walt Disney World, I discovered this little gem in one of the shops at Hollywood

It appears to be a "Cars" movie version of the Silverlit PicooZ! Even the Transmitter has been "colorized" in the "Lightning McQueen" theming.
If you are looking for one of these for Christmas, and are not planning on going to Disney, try contacting "World of Disney" at 407-363-6200 or
send them an email at and I'm sure they will help you out!

Tripod Mod by Ibanezjimjim666

This week, Ibanezjimjim666 has a pretty simple mod for you to try out with your Havoc. His
Tripod mod helps with landings and moves the CG forward to help you with forward flight.

I thought this would also be a great time to release the updated "Santa Shop" emporium page, just in time for the holidays! There is a
large number of new items the vendors have this season, and here are just a few for you to consider..........

TrueRC is offering a remarkably small 2 gram brushless outrunner motor!

This motor is powered by a single cell lipo, and offers lots of mod potential to users during the indoor season. He also is offering a micro size 1 cell ESC
as well!

Could a brushless havoc mod be in the works? Who can say, but with items like "The Steve" converter out there, this might be a reality soon!

Mike's Sub Works offers some truly unique, hard to find sub and boat items, and this year, Mike does not disappoint! He has a micro sub that
really defies description. All I can say is, click on the image below of the sub to find out more about this remarkable craft!

Nitrotek has the 735 Set heli that was reviewed some time ago on the Toolbox. This little heli is a really great flyer, and super stable!

Looking for something a bit different in heli's? Check out their "Spy heli" as well.

There is much more on the "Santa Shop" Emporium Page, so check it out now, to get your building mateirals and gifts before the holiday rush!

Silverlit Atlas Review Posted

I'm happy to announce that the Silverlit Altas heli review has been posted on the Toolbox
in the reviews section. You can get to the review by either clicking on the review button from the home page, or by
clicking on the image of the Atlas below.

Tail Mod by GeoStar

GeoStar wanted to add more control to his PicooZ, so he added
a tail. Here is what he has to say about it: "I have noticed nice stable flight and easy to hover and turn. (It's)
Made from clear plastic from PicooZ Box.

Nice work GeoStar, and clever idea!

Time to Revisit The Santa Shop

With the shopping season just around the corner, I will be updating the Emporium Shopping page again. Some of the items last year
ran out quickly, so you might want to start thinking now about your holiday needs. Stay tuned!

Flying VW Bus by Swanlander

Swanlander was "Inspired" by an idea he had one day, when he realized he had
photos on his computer of his VW Bus, so he thought, hey, why not! and created his very own flying VW:

Who will be the next one to try this? Perhaps a "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang version??"

Silverlit Atlas Review is coming!
This week I thought I would give you a "sneek peek" at the
new Silverlit Atlas 3 channel heli:

I can tell you that if you are use to flying the PicooZ or Havoc Heli, this bird is a bit different to fly! For those that do not
wish to wait, these helis are available from Play Asia. The link below will take you to their site:

Silverlit Atlas

Apache-X Review is Here!
This week's new update is the posting of the Apache-X heli review. If you are looking for a
more advanced heli that you can fly both indoors and out, the Apache-X may just be the copter for you.

You can get to the review by either going to the reviews section of the Toolbox, or by clicking on the image below.

This 4 channel heli is super stable and a joy to fly.

Wood PicooZ by Dieselbird07
Hello and welcome to the Piccoz Toolbox! Dieselbird decided to do a rebuild of his Havoc/PicooZ, so he made the tail boom longer, and
took the main and tail rotor from a robo copter, to create his new heli:

He said its "whisper quiet and smooth!" Great job Diesel!

Apache-X Review is Coming!
This week I have some exciting news! A new 4 channel heli will be getting its review soon on the Toolbox:
The Apache-X!

This 4 channel heli so far appears to be super stable, for both indoor and outdoor flight. Stay tuned to the Toolbox for the review to appear soon!

Twirl Review is Here!
The Twirl review/build log has been posted and is now available in the reviews section of the Toolbox. ( You can go directly to the review section by clicking on the image below:

So how did it fly? The Twirl literally floats on air. Take offs are smooth, and it is a nice leasurely craft to fly around in the sky. If you are looking for something completely different, check out the Twirl!

Twirl Review is Coming.....
Another hot item for the indoor season this year is going to be the Twirl. I had the oppertunity to
build this autogyro by Al Foot and found it to be extremely easy to fly.

Be watching for the review to appear soon in the Toolbox Reviews Section, including building tips and tricks.

735 Set Review Posted
With the weather turning windy, and the leaves starting to fall, the indoor sessions will start to heat up again. Having said that, the review for the 735 Set heli has been posted.

This little heli is pretty impressive, and is available from Nitrotek Ltd. Please check out the review for the full story and a link to where you can find one.

Pusher Autogyro by tnt2000

After an "extended" holiday, and enjoying the outdoor flying season, the indoor season is slowly starting to
come back into peoples minds.

If you missed it, Play-Asia had some really great deals on the Silverlit helis, both old and new! Here are some links for the new tandem and
the renamed "Atlas" for you too look at:

Silverlit Tandem Z-1

Silverlit Atlas

Pusher Autogyro by tnt2000

Tnt2000 is back again this with, this time with a pusher version/type autogyro! He said the specs are pretty much
the same as the Cessna type, that he came up with, except the body is now made of EPP.

It is quite amazing to see all the variations in these craft! While your at it, head over to and check out the new "Twirl" autogyro kit! Hopefully
a review will appear soon on this wonderful craft!

Cessna Autogyro by tnt2000

Tnt2000 has a nice looking "Cessna type" autogyro, that he came up with. His build uses a bit bigger battery than some of the other autogyro's and you can see how she does in the video Tnt has made available.

Be sure to check out the Toolbox post for this one for specifications and Tnt's profile plan. Thanks Tnt!

Stealth Landing Gear Mod Correction

The Stealth landing gear mod by Ironbrowser should have indicated that it used wheels from a UBI. Actually it should have said it was small wheels he had added to a UBI that he took off of the UBI to try for his Stealth mod. The UBI plane does not come with wheels out of the box.

Stealth Landing Gear Mod by Ironbrowswer

This week Ironbrowser is back, this time with landing gear added from a You Build IT (UBI) airplane that he had:

This should round out his stealth nicely.

Indoor Flyer to Close

On a sad note, Michael of IndoorFlyer has announced that he will be closing his doors in the fall. I know that many of you have had excellent
service from Michael, and have enjoyed his hard to find products. If you are looking for those "one of a kind" type items for your micro
needs, now would be the time to get it, before he is gone. Thanks for all your hard work Michael, your shop will be sadly missed.

Battle Havoc Heli Mod by Skiesthelimit

This week we take a look at what skiesthelimit came up with for his Battle Havoc. While fixing
a damaged rotor shaft, he decided to fabricate a new body for his heli. The new heli flew rather "squirmy" so he stuck an AeroAce prop
on the front, added some wings, and came up with this cool hybrid!

Skiesthelimit has a vid of this bird in flight and it is well worth checking it out in the ideas section of the Toolbox. Very creative!

Stealth Heli #2 by Ironbrowser

After much sweat (and hopefully no tears) Ironbrowser has come up with this nice little mod for
his Havoc which he calls the Stealth Heli:

He said that it increased the looks 150% and I would have to agree! I've logged this one as "Stealth Heli 2" on the Toolbox. Great job Ironbrowser!

Ready for Atlas?

With Silverlit's release of some new heli's, anticipation is still growing of how these will
perform and in some cases, what the final name may actually be for one of the heli's. The actuator controlled heli, named "Uranus" has
much promise. But its name has bore the brunt of many jokes for various reasons. Word has it that the heli's name will be changed and
in some locations, already has (perhaps to Atlas?). But no matter what the name ends up being it will be interesting to see how this latest
Silverlit offering stacks up.

735 Set to be reviewed
I'm pleased to anounce that the 735 Set heli mentioned last week will indeed be reviewed on the Toolbox! This little heli holds great promise, so stay tuned!

Autogyro's In formation!

Hello and welcome the the Piccoz Toolbox! This week in the news is a couple of items of interest.
First, Al Foot is back at it again, this time flying his Autogyro in formation with one flown by John Stennard:

To appreciate these things, you really have to build one just to see how the appear to defy gravity!
If you click on the picture below, you will see a video of Al and John flying!

735 Set

The 735 Set is a heli that was brought to my attention by a Toolbox reader, Paul Martin:

This unit appears to have some of the best of both worlds for both forward flight and stability control,
in a micro sized package. Be watching the Toolbox for a review of this unit soon,
with a possible mods section to be added for it. Thank you Paul for providing such a great photo!

Past news follows...........

Toledo Post Show Report

Hello and welcome the the Piccoz Toolbox! This week in the news is a post show update on the Toledo RC show.

I had a chance to meet and talk with quite a few vendors at the show, and saw some pretty amazing items which were available, or will be soon, that I'd like to share with you. Also I met some new vendors at the show which I believe offer some truly unique and valuable products. I hope you would check out some of these vendors to see if they have anything you may need for the flying season.

First off I have to say that I was truly blown away at the quantity of products and the offerings that were available at the show. I am sure most people left with pockets empty and bags full! This is the first time I had attended the Toledo show, so I was not aware of many of the vendors "cash and carry" policy. That is, you could pay cash or check for merchandise, but no credit/debit. This was probably a great thing for most shoppers, but a tragedy for others. I ran into one vendor who had some truly spectacular profile jet kits to offer, but would not take credit, and did not even have a web site for making the purchases at a later date!

Those that were quick thinking enough scanned the entire floor, and the upstairs (the show had two levels!) before making purchases. Unfortunately time did not permit me to do this.

JT Servo Extensions

JT Servo Extensions was a specialty vendor I ran into that was very friendly indeed. He was offering servo extensions or "Y" splitters in just about any guage or style you could imagine all for the same price! He said he tried to establish the best pricing structure that would fit everyone when obtaining the wires from different factories and offers them at a bundle price of 2 for $5 or 5 for $10. You can mix and match any combination - your choice. He doesn't have a web site yet, but you can email him at for more information and pricing. I'm planning on putting up a link in the Emporum page to his site.

Sub Works

Now who hasn't wanted to control an RC sub when you were a kid? Sub Works had not only subs (from the mini size to the large) but also RC planes and micro heli's. The folks at Sub Works were extremely friendly and I would highly recommend them for their service. While there I picked up one of their "micro rc" subs and I will be reviewing it in the future.

Radical RC

Radical RC was on hand with a large selection of stock items. I had been looking for one of the base loaded antenna's from Azzar and Radical RC had it! These micro antenna's replace the long wire usually assocated with the 72mhz Rx equipment (for those of us that have not abandoned the trandtional gear). This "cleans up" your model to give it a sharper appearance without the trailing cable.

True RC

True RC was located on the second level on Sunday. They were offering a great transmitter replacement lipo battery pack that replaces the old Nicad packs most transmitter's come equiped with. One of these lipo pack will run a transmitter virtually all day for flying! True RC also had some great brushless motors that I am sure will be a hit this summer. I encourage you to check out some of the truly amazing products they have to offer.


Lazertoyz was also upstairs and had a wide variety of hard to find wrenches for those micro 5 and 10 gram motors that have started showing up! They also had some reliable 5 gram servos to round out any model you wanted to build.


Located near the start of the show was Lightflite had one of Al Foot's "Twirls" on hand for examination! The Twirl proved to be so popular after the indoor flying sessions on Friday and Saturday, that Lightflite only had the demo unit left! You may want to put this craft on your "short build" list for the season.


Tucked away in the corner of the show was the heli vendor IMEX ( He had an assortment of helis and also some interesting "para-sail" type craft. In talking with the vendor, I found out he was in the process of updating his web site, so some of the items at the show will not yet be available online, but I am sure if you call them they would be happy to help you out.

Budget RC

Mark from Budget RC ( on hand with his "Lil Moe" and "Raven" planes. In talking with Mark I found out they have really been swamped with the start of the flying season and all the shows. You might want to check out some of these cool planes.

Winged Shadow

This again was another specialty vendor, selling logging devices. The one micro logger I was shown only weighed in at 2 grams and would log altitude and airspeed! The device simply plugged into any unused Rx servo port and connected to your PC through a USB port.(

This was just a sample of some of the vendors in attendance at the show. I hope to see you all at next years show!

The Weak Signals RC Show April 4th, 5th, & 6th

This weeks news is about the RC Show approaching this week in Toledo, Ohio. The Weak Signals RC Show is probably one of the
best and biggest shows in the mid west! You will not find a better gathering of vendors and RC parts just waiting to be snatched up.

A number of vendors will be offering deals only available at the show.

You will want to check out True RC which will be located upstairs on
Sunday. Some of the specials at that time will be:

- with Battery and Motor purchase the matching ESC will be 1/2 off
- 64mm EDF UNITS WILL BE $30 with 3800kv brushless motor. (just over 1lb of thrust)

Also Upstairs will be Lazertoyz. If you click on the flyer image below and print it out you will get a discount of $10 off of a $100 or more
purchase from them at the show!

I hope you all get a chance to check out all the items at the show. What a great way to start the outdoor flying season. Happy flying!

Astro's Gyro by V2plus10

The Jetson's have joined the autogyro craze, or more accurately Astro has! V2plus10 has created his autogyro flown by Astro himself:

Who will be next?

MacGyro by RCBilly

So who said eating breakfast couldn't be fun? RC Billy is back with another Autogyro, this time using McDonalds Breakfast plates as the source material for his autogyro:

This autogyro has a 3 dimensional fuselage unlike the others so far. He says "The 3 dimensional fuses are easy to make" The fit and finish look really great on it Bill. Excellent work!

Snoopy Flyer by gbarc

Have the urge to shoot down the Red Baron? Then its Snoopy to the rescue! Greg has created a Snoopy Autogyro using penny thick foam
and some other electronics.

You could probably adapt this version to use almost any hardware, so this should be a fun build for all! Thanks Greg!

Carbon Fiber/Bearing video by IBeHoey

For all those Havoc and PicooZ fliers who have been sitting on the fence trying to decide if the carbon fiber and bearing mod are worth it,
you need to check out the latest video which IBeHoey has made. It shows what just how much friction your little heli is fighting with the
stock components. The difference is amazing:

IB has also created an updated video for his body mod and dubbed his creation "Proto"! Be sure to check out Proto under the Plans--> Ideas section.

Excellent work IBeHoey!

New heli from Yneek

A new heli has appeared on the scene from Yneek called the Procopter:

It is a great flying model which uses a 2.4GHz transmitter and reciever. I hope to have more information on this heli in the future.

Big Micro Gyro by Al Foot

Starting this week the Toolbox has been expanded to added some new sections. The first is the new Autogyro Section!
The Autogyro sections will contain useful tips for both the Havoc Gyro, as well as plans and ideas for how to create
your own Autogryo from some tallented and creative individuals! First up, is Al Foot with his Big Micro Gyro:

The autogyro section departs from just using "stock" Aeroace or Silverlit gear, but you will find that the components may be
cheap enough for you to move up to the "next level" of RC. Some of these designs may be adaptable to the stock gear as
well. Your imagination is the limit, so jump in and give it a try.

As always, the Toolbox is for users, by users, so please send me your emails on what else you would like to see in the future.

Syma Fairy Blog by Scot White

Scot White has created a blog for those users looking to tweek their Syma Fair heli as well as other "clone" heli's with similiar characteristics.
I hope you find Scot's info useful and thanks Scot for maintaining such a great site!

Pico M by Marko Kruc

Marko has made some interesting mods to his Havoc/Z and he calls his creation the Pico M. Not having any carbon rods or tubes, Marko
made his landing gear out of thin guitar strings and some thin bamboo struts. This added the perfect balance to his heli.

Marko says "The weight is about 10 grams, and flight time is about 5 min outdoors, and about 6 mins indoors. " Sounds like
a great spring flyer Marko!

PicooZ MX-1 Debuts at 2008 Toy Fair

Among all the neat gadgets at the 2008 Toyfair in the Excel Exhibition Center in London Silverlit's latest has appeared. That is, the PicooZ MX-1. This heli is approximately 2/3 the size of the Picco-Z!

Here is a vid straight from the show so you can see some of the other neat products:

Also, click on the picture of the MX-1 below to be taken to the RC Groups thread where there is more information about this and other Silverlit
items coming soon!

Body Mod 2 by IBeHoey-pilot

IBeHoey's back with another Havoc creation! He increased the size of the lipo battery he was using from the stock battery to a
90 mah battery, as well as created a new frame.

When you look at the mod sitting on it's skids, it looks like something you would see in a "Sharper Image" catalog!

IB says "Over all I got about 15 minutes of flight time, which was awesome......(the motors) seemed to stay pretty cool"
Way to go IBeHoey!

Frame Mod by Couch-pilot

Couch-pilot is back! This time, he has come up with a frame modification to add landing skids to your Havoc / Z

He has included a drawing so you can create your own with this one! Excellent work Couch-pilot!

Body Mod by IBeHoey-pilot

After having loads of fun flying his Hovoc, IBeHoey decided it was time for some modification fun, so he started to shave foam
off of his Havoc and here is the result:

He says "I was amazed at how (much) quieter it was with out plastic gear guards and the lighter weight enabled for it to fly until the low voltage cut off."

You have a fine flyer there IBeHoey, great job!

Body Mod by Couch-pilot

Hello everyone and happy 2008! First up for 2008 is Couch-pilot with his Havoc body mod. Couch became tired with the regular body and
fins, so decided to create this new body for his Havoc:

He said: "(I) used some plastic sheet from an old flashlight blisterpack. Flies more stable, and easier to land upright.
Looking at pulling/vacforming a new canopy." Nice job Couch :)

The Santa Shop becomes - The RCToolbox Emporium

Thank you for all of your emails concerning the Santa Shop. I am glad you were able to locate the products and vendors during the holiday shopping season. This page was going to close down, but since so many of you have expressed an interest in keeping it open, the Santa Shop will be renamed - The RCToolbox Emporium - and remain as part of the site. Again, if you know of any vendor not listed that you have had good experiences with, please email me and I will add them to the Shop list.

New Havoc/Z Bodies??

This week in the news is an interesting submission from a user for a German site, which has some amazing
Havoc and PicooZ bodies! The site own, Gustav, has quite an assortment of styles to choose from.

You can visit the site at: for yourself to see his other offerings. Unfortunately repeated attempts to contact Gustav
have failed, and the site now says that due to illness sales are not possible at this time, so we perhaps these items will become available again
in the future.

The Santa Shop

With the shopping season in full swing, I thought I would lend a hand in connecting vendors and enthusiasts by setting up a "Santa Shop".

The shop contains many small shops where you can find items from vendors that I have delt with in the past. I tried to catagorize the items by like type to help you out. If you have had any good service from vendors not shown here, please email me and so I can add them to the list. If you click on the Santa image above you will be taken to the shop. Happy shopping!

RC Santa Heli Review Posted!

The RC Santa Heli Review has been posted in the reviews section. Check this stocking suffer out!

Z-Bee by Neurotex

Neurotex is back this week with a plan for his Z-Bee! His nice plan & pics were made with the Havoc in mind.
He said that it might have been easier to build up with foam instead of balsa but it is quite sturdy. Plus he loves working with the balsa!

As you can see it is quite a work of art! He originally had installed a canard on the front but that made it tooquick to control in my living room.

SloFly Makes a Comeback

Many of you may remember Sloper Steve's site and all the wonderful items he use to offer. Steve has started up a new site again and here is what he has to say about it:

"It is an innovative forum. It has forums, live real chat not a java applet, auctions and links to actual shop items (or pay buttons for items)
So it is a forum with Slofly, other shop and hobbyists items for sale." Nice to see you back Steve!

Component Placement by Neurotex

When Neurotex started to mod his Havoc's he decided to make a component placement drawing to help him with his builds. To that end he came up with this nice drawing showing where everything fits inside a stock Havoc (PicooZ) and is making it available for you to use as well! You will find it in the Body mods section of the Toolbox. Thanks Neurotex!

Robo copteR vs RoboCopter Recon vs Santa?!?

Just in time for the holidays there appears to be a number of new "Havoc/PicooZ Variants" which have appeared. For those interested on getting in on the fun, here is a quick run down on what is out there....

Robo copteR

If you live in the UK market, you will most likely find the Robo copteR.

The are priced about $60 use a 2.4GHz Tx/Rx and fly extremely well.

In the US this item is marketed by AirHog as the RoboCopter Recon.

It is priced about the same, but uses a 27Mhz Tx/Rx instead. This item is available from

Not to be left out of the fun, Santa may also be seen hovering near your tree soon! Dan from will be carrying the Flying Santa!

Price will be around $25. Be sure to check out for more details.

Version 2 of the Havoc?

This week is more of a "rumor mill" item that appears to be true - A version 2 design of the Havoc has started to appear on the shelves of different retail stores. Some are saying that the version two design has a much better start up rate when the battery is full, compaired to the original Z's and Havocs.

I wonder if Alexander has been busy??????

DIY Vid by taoistflyer

This week in the news we have a DIY Vid by taoistflyer. He shows how to build and assemble an Apache body available from utilizing the micro gear fairy electrics and frame. The step by step tutorial is simple and will help you out in building your own. Perhaps someone will use a Z or Havoc to do the same with other designs that are out there? Good job Toistflyer!

Past news follows...........

Reflex Defender by DragonClass

We have all seen many mods for the Z and Havoc, but I though this would be a nice addition to the Toolbox: The Reflex Defender! DragonClass has done a nice job of dressing up his
Reflex to provide a much more "meaner look".

Apache Longbow by Chase 6

Chase 6 tried his hand at the Apache Longbow template the Tobu put together and the results are great! Long Bows seem to be picking up now as the weather turns.

Rocket Havoc by Chase 6

Chase 6 added his own flare to his Havoc by adding Hellfire rockets to it! Looks like a great way to deck out a heli for the start of the indoor season.

Tiger Havoc by dragonclass

Dragonclass picked up a new havoc and thought his old PicooZ looked a little bland, so he gave it a make over and this is what he came up with:

Great job!

New IR Rx for Havoc/PicooZ

If you are thinking about trying your hand at your own RC creations, you may want to check out this new IR Rx from Didel RC. It is the IZ2 2-channel receiver for PiccoZ TX:

Indoorflyer is carrying them ( for approximately $30

This receiver is designed to work with a PiccoZ IR transmitter.

The receiver is 2-channel (throttle and rudder). The throttle has 15 steps and the rudder has 3 steps in each direction. It weighs 0.35grams and comes ready built with IR sensor and Bahoma magnets mounted. Included is also a Bahoma connector for your cell and a bi-color LED for testing the outputs.

The model is suitable for use in a living room flyer model with a 4mm pager motor, PiccoZ tail prop, 60-150 ohm coil and a 20mAh Fullriver cell.

A fine tipped soldering iron in the 10-20 watt range is needed in order to attach wires or connectors.

Picooz Video by Nicolas Cérutti

While not a mod, this submission was so different I thought it would be interesting to post here in the news. Nicolas is from Switzerland and made a short movie with a friend. It was for an amateur festival (the given subject was "kamikaze" and the videos must last less than 90 secondes). To realize it he used a Picooz and though it would interest all the readers.

You can watch it directly at this URL :

Or download it in high quality here (video codec : Xvid, audio : LameMP3) :

Thanks for the film Nicolas.

Picooz Transparent Cockpit by Ang Paul

Ang Paul submitted this mod of his PicooZ. He thought he would put the box to good use, so he made a cockpit out of the packaging. Here is what he had to say: "I used the plastic which holds the helicopter in the box when I first bought it. I carved out the styro cockpit and glued the plastic and it fits perfectly. I have also added a vertical fin on the tail rotor for more flight stability."

Great job!

The HogsterZ by David

David was captivated by the tiny PicooZ when a friend of his introduced him to it. So much so in fact that he went out and purchased one right away.

Excellent work David!

PicooZ Plane by Laurent Vogel

Laurent has created a couple of unique looking craft that are still in the early stages of development. Taking a different approach, he has turned his Z into an airplane!

Z Plane by Laurent
Here is what he had to say about it:
“picco Z proto planes 1 & 2” the direction is done with the anti-torque one"

I think the spoked wheels add a nice touch!

Also it looks like Play Asia has the Silverlit Sky Challenger back in stock, so if you were waiting for this unit to reappear you are all set :)

Sky Challenger

Silverlit Sky Challenger!

Chinook by Ipal!

Ipal does it again, this time by creating a Chinook! With the Fall build season just around the corner, this could be a really fun build. Here is what he had to say about it:

It's built around 2 standard Picoos on a 1/32 balsa box girder. (The) 2 Picoos (are) on the same frequency to could keep it simple. They are both standard mechanics apart from longer carbon shafts with 3 bearings on each. The front rotor is offset 10 degrees to counteract the torque and the single tailrotor is used to steer it.

Chinook by Ipal
Great job Ipal!

Also it looks like Play Asia has the Silverlit Sky Challenger back in stock, so if you were waiting for this unit to reappear you are all set :)

Sky Challenger

Silverlit Sky Challenger!

Rocket Pod mod by Birchased

Birchased has spiced up his Z with a bit of rocket pods, landing skids and fins! Hey says that the added weight has the side benifit of actually helping with trimming and directional control.
Birdchased Rocket Pod Mod

H-300 Body Mod by qwadrat

Qwadrat put together a nice body mod for the Z as a starter idea this week. It is of the H-300 hei. This may be one you want to start with and give a go. Thanks qwadrat!
H-300 by qwadrat

Winter Camo Apache by Tobu

After getting many requests, Tobu is back with his latest a Winter Camo Apache body mod for the Z. He provides not only the body template, but also the core dimensions you need to make one of these mods for yourself. Thanks Tobu!
Winter Camo Apache by Tobu

Tail Rotor Mod by Electronick

Electronick is back with a new tail rotor mod. He took the gearbox from the Airhog (Tomy) Aerosoar and replaced the stock Z blade using it. This increases the turning authority as well as helps forward flight.
Tail Rotor Mod by Electronick

**** Play Asia Now Carrys the Silverlit X-Twin Pro: Air Acrobat

The Air Acrobat is Silverlit's latest offering that gives you elevator control so you can do loops!
Silverlit X-twin Pro

For those of you in the states waiting to try one of these, this is your chance :)

Check out some of these:

RC Mosquito

RC Mosquito Helicopter

Sky Challenger

Silverlit Sky Challenger!

Power Station Mod by PierreM

Following his translucent PicooZ body mod, Pierre has created yet another "spin" on the Transmitter power mods that are out there. His version includes the use of a LR9 battery to supply power to the Z for charging.
Translucent PicooZ by PierreM

Translucent PicooZ by PierreM

With all the summer time fun heating up outside, what better way to "stay cool" with your Z than to create a lightweight translucent mod! Thats what PierreM did with his Z
Translucent PicooZ by PierreM
I especially like his CPU Cooler label on the side of the Z :) Good job Pierre! Now we need to have someone add some light tubes to this mod, such as the ones from an Xbox or Playstation controller ;) I would be interested in seeing any light mods readers have out there, as I am sure the other readers would ;)

In the News......

This weeks update isn't a plan or mod, but rather some interesting information about a new web site, and upcoming products. To start off, I was contacted by one of the Toolbox readers, Romain of France. He was excited to tell me about a new web site he has started for the French community. If you interested in visiting his site, you can check it out at:
I am sure you will hear more about this site in the future as well as see mods from it appear on the toolbox as well :) Good job Romain :)

Cops and Robbers??

Many new and exciting items were shown at the toy fair in Germany this Spring. One of the items is the "Cops and Robbers" version of the PicooZ!
Silverlit Cops n Robbers

Both of these heli's are sold as a set, where you can "shoot down" the other. Each heli emits a beam to shoot down the other. When a heli is "hit" it causes it to temporarily decend. Word has it that there is onboard "sound effects" so you can hear the "guns firing".

Loops anyone??

While this news item doesn't fall into the heli catagory, I thought it work mentioning. Silverlits Latest airplane offering, the x-twin Acrobat (code name Airdasher) is desired by all.

Silverlit Acrobat

It has 3 channel control giving you the ability to do loops. The elevator goes either level or up for some pretty interesting looking flight patterns. I am sure this item will be in short supply this fall :)

Side Graphics by Solarsail

Solarsail has come up with some greate graphics to "brighten up" your Z. Even with the outdoor season in full swing, and the everyone enjoying larger heli's like the gyrotor, or Lama, the Z still seems to be a hit.
Side Graphics by Solarsail

Huey by petinek

Using only photo's and contour drawings from the web, petinek created this great Huey, using only a pen knife and and sandpaper!
Huey by petinek
Great job Petinek!

Thumb Saver by jetpack

Jetpack took a common hardware item, pvc screw protects and found a great use for help out you thumbs! No more black thumbs when flying
Thumb saver by Jetpack

Cool idea Jetpack!

Airwolf by Taketea

Yet another installment from Taketea, this time it is an Airwolf! Using some epp and paper stock you can make a body for your Z/havoc
Airwolf by TakeTea

Main Motor Fix by Regis

From the tail motor, to the main motor! Regis found his heli was not performing well, so he figured out how to open the motor up and repair a damaged brush.
Motor Fix by Regis
Thanks Regis for sharing the method!

Tail Rotor Resoldier Method by Fly or Die

More fixes, this time for the tail rotor. Fly or Die has provided some images for replacing the wires from the tail rotor motor to the Rx in your Z.
Tail Rotor Resoldier Method by Fly or Die

Thanks Fly or Die and keep up the good work :)

Stability Mod by LLFly

This week the rotor mods section has been updated with LLFly's stability flight mod. LLFLy found that his heli would just not fly right and discovered a simple method of getting the job done to make it fly the way it should.
Stabilty Mod by LLFly

Thanks LLFly, I'm sure others with this issue will be grateful for your fix! :)

Mash Chopper mod by Del

This week the ideas section has been updated with Dels Mash Chopper. Del reported that the chopper can be a bit twitchy, but once it settles down it looks cool
in the air.
Tx mod by mrasmm

Tx Mod by mrasmm

This week we have a new Tx mod by mrasmm. He has combined using an external adapter to supply power to the Tx, so you don't constantly run your batteries down, with the ability to use rechargeables in your Z Tx, by adding an extra battery cell. This should help all of those going threw pack after pack of batteries. Thanks mrasmm!
Tx mod by mrasmm

Straight Flight mod by MartinT

This week we have a "two for one" mod by MartinT and clément livolsi. Martin found by adding his mod, in conjunction with the Hammerhead mod, he was able
to achieve perfect straight flight!
Straight flight mod by MartinT

At about the same time this came in, Clément had a similiar mod submitted, so for fun you may want to try both :)
Aileron mod by Clément
Thanks guys and keep up the excellent work!

MH53E Seadragon by Taketea

Taketea is back with his MH53E Sea Dragon. Another paper craft creation, this one requires an EPP or depron framework to hold the Z components in place so that teh paper craft may be applied.
Sea Dragon by Taketea

Hand Carved Heli by simano

Simano took some foam from another heli box, some wire, and a foam plate to create this nice looking heli! He said that " flight times are shortened by the extra weight but it's a small price to pay for a somewhat scale looking heli!!.". I think we would all have to agree!
Hand Carved Heli by simano

SuperSlim by Tobu

Tobu has gone for simplicity and minimal weight this time with his latest, the SuperSlim! This one weighs in at only 8 grams!
SuperSlim by Tobu
Its amazing what you can do with a little tape and plastic food packaging! Thanks Tobu!

CH55 Aircrane by Taketea

Taketea is back again with another papercraft fuselage for the PiccoZ! One of his latest is the CH55 Aircrane, used to haul cargo.
Aircrane by Taketea

Picoo BZZZZZZZZZ by Electronick

Electronick, who brought you the Chopper Joe mod is back with the Picoo BZZZZZZZZZ for the PiccoZ! Using very thin piano wire and foam, this bug rules the air, and will scare the pants off your pet!
Picoo BZZZZZZZ by Electronick

UH60J SeaHawk by Taketea

Taketea continues to build papercraft fuselages for the PiccoZ! One of his latest is the UH60J SeaHawk. A fine looking ship to be sure!
SeaHawk by Taketea
Thanks Taketea and nice job!

Bell 222 by dz1sfb

Yet another Bell 222 is on the scene! This one you can build using dz1sfb's plans and a little patience. dz1sfb has included a power point file for you to examine
to help you build a creation just like his.
Bell 222 by dz1sfb
Thanks dz1sfb and nice job!

Air Hogs Havoc Heli AC / Battery mod

Swedishlf has create a mod for the transmitter which lets you choose between AC and battery power, so you can save batteries but still fly when AC power is not available with full freedom of motion. Thanks Swedishlf!
Transmitter mod by swedishlf

Also up this week, rcnyc78 has created some nice skins for the PiccoZ! Just print them out, cut and apply to the sides of your heli!
PiccoZ skins by rcnyc78

MD500 Heli

Following on the heels of the MAC 2, is the MD 500 Helicopter by Brian Adams. Brian used lightweight foam, rolled paper and CF to create this nice heli.
MD500 Helicopter by Brian Adams
Check out this mod in the ideas section. Thanks Brian!

** UPDATE **
Electronick has release the "new and improved" Chopper Joe....the MAC 2 (Micro Assault Chopper 2000). Check it out, also in the ideas section.
Micro Assault Chopper 2000 by Electronick

Another user, Len Martin, has created a Westland Puma body that he hand sculped. For details this mod can also be found in the ideas section.
Westland Puma by Len Martin

Return of Little Nellie ??

Electronick has created a body, and pilot for the piccoz that reminds him of the autogyro "Little Nellie" from the 007 Series! This is an interesting twist for PiccoZ mods.
Chopper Joe by Electronick
Check out his first version of this mod in the ideas section. Thanks Electronick!

** UPDATE **
Electronick has release the "new and improved" Chopper Joe....the MAC 2 (Micro Assault Chopper 2000). Check it out, also in the ideas section.
Micro Assault Chopper 2000 by Electronick

Another user, Len Martin, has created a Westland Puma body that he hand sculped. For details this mod can also be found in the ideas section.
Westland Puma by Len Martin

Bell 206 Jet Ranger by Taketea!
Taketea has created another nice body overlay for the PiccoZ using his paper craft technics. This heli, just like his other creations, is quite detailed. Thanks Taketea!
Bell 206 Jet Ranger by Taketea

Happy New Year everyone! I hope everyone is looking forward to all the great and exciting things 2007 has in store. :)
First up, another rotor shaft fix, this time from Airlark64. For those that are not willing to do the bearing mod yet, he has come up with the pin mod:
Pin Mod by Airlark64
The pins stabilize the rotor and hold it in place to prevent the wobble that can develop in your Z.

There are also a number of forward flight "spoiler mods" from cci[RR]us and Barend van den Berg:
Spoiler mod
Spoiler mod2

Not wanting to give up the Apache design, Tobu has added yet MORE color and body schemes for the Appache Longbow. A new Desert scheme and also a "hello kitty" scheme!
Apache Longbow by Tobu

There are more updates to come, along with a new "reviews" section that will be added shortly, so stay tuned for more updates!

Apache Longbow Updated by Tobu

Tobu has improved on his original Apache design, that is his Apache Longbow mod for the PiccoZ. The body overlay sits over top of a foam core for easy repair and access.
Apache Longbow by Tobu
Check out the posted zip file for some new additions :)

More Landing Pads Anyone?

Taketea's SeaKing is complimented by a nice carrier heli pad which you can build. There is also a video of his pad in action!
Carrier Landing Pad by Taketea
Taketea has submitted an updated for his SeaKing plan, as the first one had some experimental pods on the second page. This new plan has been updated with the official version. Thanks Taketea!

There will be some more updates to the toolbox later this week, as many of you have submitted some more items I think you will find interesting. :)

This weeks feature is another version of the SeaKing, the heli that has really grabbed the attention of Z owners, this time by Taketea:
SeaKing by Taketea
Unlike the other SeaKing, this one has been created out of card stock using Taketea's paper craft technics. Check out the build guide for step by step pictures on how to buid your own. Be watching for other Taketea creations to appear soon. Thank you Taketea!

The Seaking airframe has become quite popular with the PiccoZ. Philippe of France has built his own version from IPal's plans here is how his turned out:
SeaKing by Philippe
SeaKing by Philippe
Good work Philippe!

Apache Longbow by Tobu

Tobu has added to the gunship collection with is Apache Longbow mod for the PiccoZ. The body overlay sits over top of a foam core for easy repair and access.
Apache Longbow by Tobu

Nice work Tobu!

Heli Pad by Honeybee

With all the mods going on for the Z we forgot one of the most important items....A heli Pad! Honeybee has drawn up a nice heli pad which you will find in the "Ideas" section of the toolbox.
Heli Pad by Honeybee
Also this week, Tobu has come up with some "tail art" to dress up your Z. You will find his latest in the Body Mods section.
Flame Art by Tobu

I have left Honeybee's Airwolf plan as the featured plan this week, since the Airwolf has been so popular! Thanks again Honeybee!

Honeybee has added to the Paper body collection by creating a highly detailed Airwolf design! Spec for the PiccoZ with the added body are: 11 gr. weight and 7-8 min flight time.
AirWolf by Honeybee

Next up this week are some easy to use paper bodies from Honeybee. Paper or card stock should work well for these!
BK117 Bodies

This week features a variety of mods that have been posted in the "Ideas" section of the toolbox. The featured mod is Jensst Bell 222 Heli Body:
Bell 222
Jensst has done an excellent job of vacuum forming a Bell 222 body for the PiccoZ. Word is he may soon be kitting these units, so you may want to add one to your after Christmas wish list ;)

Azimov also has a submission this week, a modified Z body with CF landing skids. Very sharp!
Azimov Heli

Rounding out the submissions, is hrbeta's landing gear version of the Z!
Landing Gear

New RCToolbox Director Site
In an effort to make it easier to get to each toolbox, a "central" site has been created, The RC Toolbox! Now you can access each of your favorite sites from one place. Be sure to check out the vendors page for a list of vendors which carry items for your RC needs.

RC Toolbox

This weeks featured mod is a two for one deal.....Megabyte2 has a tail fin mod that helps flight. He has also provided a CF landing gear mod for your Z!
Blue Fin Mod

With the shorter darker days, it has become harder to fly. So why not "lighten" things up a bit? ARSoftware is now offering some really nice LED's (Light Emitting Diodes) that you could use to light up the skies with!
You can attach these to your PiccoZ creations, or anything that needs lights. He even has one that could best be described as a "flamethrower" because its
Flame Thrower LED

so bright! I've put a some on my holiday wish list! :)

VPV and BlueTwo have provided some nice alternatives for charging your Z! By using a wall adapter and a few components, you can now charge your PiccoZ! Be sure to check out their Transmitter Mods in the Hop up section.....
Transmitter Mod
Transmitter Mod

Past news follows...........
SeaKing Plans Have Arrived!
Ipal's plans for the SeaKing Have arrived. Ipal takes you from raw foam, to finished heli, step by step. It is a real treat to be able to get a nice build like this one, so don't pass up this one! His highly detailed Sea King is quite a work of art. If you look closely at the pictures you will see that he has added very nice detailing! Great job Ipal!
Sea King

This week also features an idea by yumscrunt. He has create a "Stealth Heli", made out of carbon fiber (CF) and a couple of dead heli's.
Stealth Heli
He is even working on a "Stick man" pilot!
Stick Man
Also, check out the Blue Heli body by Dogbreath Racing, another original idea worth considering.
Blue Heli
Past news follows...........
stephamag has created some custom landing skids. The design utilizes two paper clips. You remove the lower conard wing off of the Z and install the paper clips to give it a different look.

Trombone Mod
See the body mods section under hop ups for further details.

With all the CF(Carbon Fiber) shaft mods going on, some people have run into trouble when when the shaft breaks from a crash. LetsFly cure for this is to use a small needle to "stake" the rotor shaft in place. If the shaft breaks, remove the pin and replace the damaged parts. Way to go Letsfly!
Needle Shaft Mod

dcurtis has improved on the CF/Bearing mod with another variation on this modification.
Updated Carbon Fiber/Bearing Mod

See the rotor mods section under hop ups for further details.

Rotor stability is critical for an enjoyable flight from your PiccoZ. There have been a variety of mods placed out there. WaterDog has produced an excellent step by step method of balancing the Z's main rotor. Checking it out in the Hop ups section under Rotor Mods.

Rotor Balancing
He has also a cheap weight mod for forward flight. Check it out in the body mods section.

This week "The Paperclip Mod" also takes its place among the rotor stabilization mods.

Paper Clip mod
While this mod may, or may not, cause additional friction, its easier to do than the bearing mod to produce the same results.

Raphaël has another spin on the hammer head mod for forward flight. He has printed up some wings for easy attachment. Check out his mod in the
Body mods section under hop ups. Thanks Raphaël!
Hammer Head mod

The Plans/Heli Ideas area has been updated with the latest submissions.
Pixell CloneSkyCrane
AS-355News Chopper

Be sure to check out Alexander's (creator of the PiccoZ) own mod. Thanks Alexander!
Alexander's Hinge mod

Klaus's canopy mod was also split up into the rotor mods section as well, as it was suggested that the plate mod he had depicted on the canopy image was worthy of its own post.

Past news follows...........
Klaus's canopy mod has been updated to include a pilot figure that he used. While this isn't a featured plan, I thought it worthy of
puting up on the front page so no one would miss out!
Canopy mod

Raphaël has given us another mod to stabilize the rotor, the plate mod. While not as fancy as the bead or bearing mod,
it still does the job to make your heli fly that much better. Thanks Raphaël!
Plate mod

JPOP has come up with a Comanche body for the PiccoZ. There are also a number of cool mods that have been posted to.
The Bead, tail boom, and forward flight mods have all been posted in the body mod's area.

Also, be sure to check out klaus's canopy mod for the picco, very sharp Klaus!
Canopy mod
You can find this mod in the plans section under "Ideas".

Indoor Flyer to Carry PiccoZ Bearing Kit
Epilot has indicated that he will be offering a kit containing both the CF rod and bearings needed to perform this mod. Check out his site by following the vendors link for pricing when it becomes available.

Indoor Flyer to Carry PiccoZ Parts
Indoor Flyer has made arrangements to obtain spares for the PiccoZ! This will include both motors, and also the rotors.
Epilot has also purchased a number of the Fullriver Lipo Batteries as well.
Full RIver 50 mah battery
These are the OEM 50ma batteries for the PiccoZ. You can also get the AeroAce 130ma batteries from his site too!
Full RIver 130 mah battery

New Bearing Mod for the PiccoZ
Nitrocharged has put together a nice bearing mod for the PiccoZ, which allows you to replace the copper hat type sleeve bearings and metal main rotor shaft with 1mm ball bearings and a carbon fiber shaft.
Ball Bearings For the PiccoZ
Check out the mods section for the bearing mod document. You will also shortly be able to obtain the bears for this mod from Indoor Flyer.

First Heli Plan Has Been posted
Christian Bürger released a design for the PiccoZ, a Jet Ranger! You have to check out the video of this copter in motion! Hopefully more designs like this will follow.

Have a plan or mod you want to post?

If you have any sketches or drawings you liked to post, feel free to contact me at RCGroups using the Contact link from the home page.