Autogyro Plans:

Author: alfoot
Author Email: Al Foot at RCGroups
Specs: Length: Approx 11 inches, AUW 1 1/8 ounces
Material Required: Depron,EPP, balsa, CF - see hints document
Downloads available:
Notes: If you open the jpeg for the fuselage using "Windows Picture Viewer", follow the instructions and print at 100% size, it should come out ready to use as a template. See the attached hints document for building information.

Cessna Autogyro
Author: tnt2000
Author Email: tnt2000 at RCGroups
Specs: Rotor: 52cm x 8cm,79g AUW
Material Required: Unknown
Downloads available:
Notes: Current specs is:
Total weight: about 79g (body 58g + bat 21g)
Blade: 8cm x 25cm, total length 52cm with 1mm balsa shim.
Motor: 11g Outrunner (I guess 3800KV)
Prop: GWS 6030
Receiver: Berg4 (Microstamp)
Battery: Polyquest 2 Cell 350mah(20C, 21g)
Servo: one 3.7g servo from
ESC: 6A ESC from hobbywing.

Snoopy Flyer
Author: gbarc
Author Email: gbarc at RCGroups
Specs: Unknown
Material Required: Penny thick blue foam...see notes below
Downloads available:
Notes: Constructed from penny thick blue foam. 6mm pager 4.5 ohms geared 6:1. 4.75 inch soda can prop. 50mah lipo. See plan notes for more information.